Forget it! I just divorced the beast last week! He never actually changes. He just psychologically abuses you until you think he's the best you can do - but, eventually, you wake up and see the light and kick him out of the castle!

Want to know how???

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After 25 years of marriage, some babies, some health issues, and — well — life, let’s just say that the dress from the wedding pictures wouldn’t make it up past my hips now.

Stairs, dance parties with my teenage daughter, and strolls around the neighborhood are not going really well either. (Nobody wants a sweaty, huffing, puffing mom in their TikTok dance challenge.)

So, what’s a fluffy, out of breath mom to do?

I finally found an answer — Noom!

Yep, after points and pre-packaged meals and keto and vegetarianism and a dozen other “plans” that…

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The seats were gray vinyl. On sweltering July days in Nashville, it was like sitting on a hard, slick bench from the depths of Hell.

We were lucky enough to have a car with air conditioning, which was a blessing during southern summers. But we would always speed crank the handles to roll down the windows just so we could breathe those first few minutes anyway. Though the humid air outside was not much better than what had been trapped inside, the illusion made us believe we were a few degrees cooler until the A/C kicked in.

seatbelt laws and…

How much responsibility do we have to friends & family who are struggling?

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The fourth chapter of Genesis, the first book of the Judeo-Christian Bible, tells about the first two brothers in the Bible, Cain and Abel.

Although not detailed in this passage, apparently God had given some specific instructions about a particular gift each of the brothers was to bring to Him.

Abel followed instructions. Cain didn’t. God basically told Abel, “Great job, thanks.” His response to Cain was more like, “Not cool, dude.”

Cain was not happy.

Next comes the first murder in the Bible. …

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I was 12 years old when I stopped believing all Christians were good people.

We had gone to this particular church since I was around 5 or 6 years old. Even though it was ultra-conservative — no pop music, no movies, women didn’t wear pants — everyone seemed kind and loving.

Members greeted each other with, “Good morning, Brother Anderson,” or “How are you doing, Sister Miller?” They would ask about the older folks’ aches and pains and how the new babies were sleeping.

And at every service — Sunday morning, Sunday evening, and Wednesday evening — the preacher would…

Tracy Morell Good

Mother, Writer, Optimist

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