How much responsibility do we have to friends & family who are struggling?

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But today I’m pondering this question and wondering, “Am I my brother’s — or sister’s — keeper?”

Growing up, I heard many sermons preached on this passage. I have to admit, I have no idea what point any of those preachers was trying to make. I know they weren’t telling us don’t murder your brother. That one’s too obvious. I just always lost the train of thought.

How responsible are we?

What does it mean today? If my brother and sister are my friends and acquaintances, even the entire human race, how far does “keeping” go? Just how responsible am I? How responsible are you? How responsible are we?

What if our phone call or text message or PM was the one that kept that person alive a little longer?

How much responsibility do we have to reach out? To offer help? To suggest assistance? Or therapy? Or rehab? Or maybe just offer to sit and listen and be there for that person when no one else seems to be willing anymore?

But it was a busy week, and I procrastinated.

About three months ago, we made plans to meet for coffee. She canceled at the last minute and admitted that she had been drinking. She declined my offer to reschedule.

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